Frozen fruit

Fruit and vegetable
processing and freezing

Fruit and vegetable processing and freezing are carried out through an activity fully equipped with technological lines for berry and stone fruit reception and processing that meets ISO 22000/2018.

Berry freezing process begins with fruit receiving and sorting lines.

The process then continues through classic tunnels with a system that ensures quick fruit freezing, meeting the strictest hygiene and cost-effectiveness requirements.

Fruit demand and market

The fruit market in Serbia and the world has become very dynamic in the last few years, and the demand for quality, primarily organic products is constantly growing.

As a company, we pay special attention to each individual process in all stages of preparation for the market through the fulfillment of rigorous safety procedures aimed at delivering our customers the highest quality and completely healthy and safe products.

Our goal and mission is to supply the international market with the highest quality products that comply with world standards and regulations.